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Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Yesterday I was so anxious to grow up, be an adult, and do adult things. Between games of jacks, kickball, and getting lost in a book about fantastical things and places, I enjoyed my days, but dreamed of bigger and better adventures. Yes, life was simpler then - unbeknownst to me -

but I still had big dreams that I felt could only be realized in the adult world. Thank God for parents who saw to it that my dreams and ambitions were grounded in reality, nurtured daily, and fortified with love.

I didn’t know it then, but so many of those moments shaped my today.

Yesterday doesn’t seem like it was that long ago, but it was…almost a lifetime. But that’s okay because when I lived in yesterday, today promised to be amazing. And guess what. It is! Okay, admittedly, today isn’t always amazing. However, the good certainly outweighs the bad. You see, I am a different person than I was yesterday. The me who no longer lives in yesterday has discovered a deeper and wider dimension of love…and also hate. But I can’t and won’t focus on that ugliness or allow it to creep in and take root.

Yes, today has its challenges. Those challenges are scattered throughout my life for reasons that are sometimes revealed now; some are saved for tomorrow. Regardless of the obstacles I am thankful that I even made it to experience today. Some did not and some are still stuck in yesterday, unable to even fathom tomorrow. I pray for and sometimes with them.

Nevertheless, today is still amazing. What makes it so? Did I mention love? Isn’t that what makes the world go round? Well, my world anyway. There’s also peace, at least most of the time. Grace, both given and received. I happen to think grace doesn’t get its props in the world spinning department. I need to also mention awareness, which loses some of its robustness when making the transition from yesterday to today. Without awareness I’d miss the rabbit who sits under my apple tree happily munching on clover. I would be unaffected by the infectious giggles of the baby who thankfully only knows love. My awareness also lets me recognize those whose less-than-wonderful yesterday molded them into someone that only God can love and who I must grant a bit of grace.

Yes, today is truly amazing. My vision and mind are clear enough to be able to see, hear, taste, and feel all that I am meant to experience in this world. This is important as I have learned that today will shape tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow…I look forward to what you have to offer. I’m in no great hurry though! Yesterday taught me that. Time is precious; don’t make it hurry any more than it already does. I will, however, graciously accept you as a gift and walk into your embrace with the experience and hard-fought lessons learned from yesterday and today. And I know you will be equally, if not more amazing, than today.

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