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A Place Like Home

ISBN - 979-8-218-06681-9

Katrice Ware has finally found a place she can call home in small town Benton Lake. After spending the better part of her adult life dutifully living up to the expectations of others and playing it safe, she reaches a point when she needs and wants more of what life has to offer.


Attorney Lee Oliver has returned to his childhood home in Benton Lake for the summer to hopefully restore balance to his life and the life of his twelve-year-old daughter, Kyra. Since the death of Lee's wife three years earlier he has focused solely on raising his daughter and providing for her physical needs. In the process, he has forgotten the simple pleasures of life.

As Lee and Katrice's paths cross, will they discover that home is where the heart heals?


Loving Ilsa

ISBN - 978-0578826615

A night out at one of the city's most popular restaurants yields more than a doggie bag for Ilsa Tanner. After catching the eye of the handsome restaurant owner, Dominic Markos, Ilsa and Dominic soon re-enter the dating world after years of enjoying the single life. Just as their dating adventures begin Ilsa's new boss turns her once happy workplace into a toxic environment threatening her job, sanity, and possibly her new relationship.

Real Love


When a dangerous situation sends Trenay Bradley’s orderly life spiraling out of control, Marshall Oliver steps in to help restore balance and order. But when his offer of help, with no strings attached, turns into a jumble of emotions, both he and Trenay find themselves struggling to sort out what’s real and what’s not.


Someone To Love


(Out of print)

Claudia Ryland is looking for the man of her dreams, and she has a solid plan to make her dream come true.  When she reveals her strategy to her best friend, Raymond Elliott, she learns that he has a plan of his own.  As their plans unfold, Ray and Claudia's friendship is put to the test as they risk losing everything in the search for Someone To Love.


Promises To Keep


(Out of print)

Omar is a successful perpetual bachelor.  Audrey is a sexy, savvy sales executive. 

As they battle conflicting emotions and personal trials, a deceptive plan is set into motion that promises to destroy any chance of happiness the two of them can hope for.


Unconditional Love


(Out of print)

Olivia Ross has endured the betrayal of too many past relationships to enter into another one. She is finally at a place in her life where she is content to be alone.

Alexander Deveraux has also had his share of bad relationships, but he has not given up on love, especially after meeting Olivia. Alex is determined to show Olivia that all love doesn't end in hurt and betrayal.

After eight years, Olivia confronts a past love and slowly opens up to the possibilities of what Unconditional Love can offer.


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