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Thank You For Being A Friend

Do you have someone that you’d like to thank for being a friend? Then you’d better get to thanking! Recently, my seven-year-old niece and I were reading a book by her favorite author (Mo Willems). This particular book followed the two main characters (Piggie and Gerald the elephant) as Piggie goes about thanking the friends who are important to her. It was a “thankfest” in the words of Piggie.

Hmm…a thankfest. What a wonderful idea. I wondered, had I ever thanked my friends for being wonderful, supportive, fun, and most of all thanking them for just being a friend? Well, here’s my thankfest. Clearly, I’m not going to be able thank everyone, but this, I hope, will be a good start.

Shaun G., we clicked from the start. Thank you for giving me the courage to start a new life even when it meant leaving you.

Lois Q., as little girls we shared jokes, favorite books, secret crushes, and dreams. We were best friends. Somewhere between our teenage years and adulthood we drifted apart. For that, I am truly sorry. But I want to say, thank you for being my best friend when I was a little girl. We all need a best friend and you were the best.

Steve from Centerville Library, thank you for keeping me sane and making me laugh when we worked at the library. We were younger than the other staff members and we weren’t always good at keeping quiet in a quiet place. Your impersonations of the patrons kept me in tears!

Celeste P. and Nikki R., thank you for Thursday night ladies nights back in the day when we were all young, broke, and in need of each other’s companionship. Ladies night was the time set aside for us to get to the club early (because it was free before 11 PM), listen to good music, dance with some cute (and not so cute) guys, and have a whole bunch of laughs.

Burch S., you always listened to whatever I had to say, no matter how trivial, crazy, and just plain goofy. And you never complained. Thank you.

Let’s face it, life is better with friends. It doesn’t matter if you have a lot or a few, they are all important. Do you have someone that you’d like to thank for being a friend? Then you’d better get to thanking!

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