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A Day At The Beach

Can I give a shout out to vacations? Yay for getting away. Unplugging. Disconnecting. Sleeping in late and eating “vacation” food (junk).

I regularly listen to a podcast titled “Another Round”. The hosts of the podcast routinely talk about self-care and its importance. Basically, how you take care of your needs and unwind. For me, when I really need to administer a little TCM (take care of me), I go on vacation. The key word here is “go”. Yes, I can chill at home but there are times I just need to breathe some different air, see other people, and NOT make my own bed.

A few weeks ago I had such an occasion. I went on vacation and it was amazing. What made it so amazing? I managed to wrap all of my self-care activities into one occasion. I spent time with good friends. I read books (yes, more than one) for the sheer pleasure of reading and not because I needed to learn something. I ate dessert at every meal (aren’t pastries breakfast desserts?). I took naps in the afternoon, swam, laid out on the beach, got a message, watched movies, and slept late.

Now, I can’t always indulge in all of those activities at once and my vacations aren’t typically that lavish, but every once in a while, I will treat myself. In this case, the rewards outweighed the cost, exponentially. Centerstone, a not-for-profit community-based behavioral health healthcare network, says, “Vacation helps shrink stress and anxiety while boosting the mental and physical health of the entire family.”

I truly believe it’s important to take care of yourself, not just by doing the obvious things – eating right, exercising, etc. – but by letting your spirit occasionally be free from the everyday grind and the constant demands that pull us so many different directions. However that freedom or disconnection

looks for you, give it a try. I promise, the benefits will be amazing!

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