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Girl Magic

October 11 marked the International Day of the Girl. This started me thinking. What would the world be like if all of us girls would ignore the unsolicited advice that comes our way on a daily basis? Here are some of my "favorites".

Smile – Why are people (boys/men) telling girls to smile? Stop it. We’ll smile when we’re happy. If you want to do something, make us happy. Then you won’t have to tell us to smile.

Stop being emotional – Somebody has to show emotions and we do it with such finesse.

Be seen and not heard – How about being seen and heard? After all, shouldn’t people know where that great advice, song, poem, or whatever came from?

Watch your weight – If you’re healthy and reasonably active, let someone else watch your weight. Then you go about living your life.

Don’t get dirty – Why? Did the world run out of laundry detergent and soap? Get dirty. Pick up a worm. Play in the mud. Mess up your clothes. Newsflash - dirt washes off!

Be nice – Hmm…I have mixed emotions about this one. Yes, it is important to be nice and kind, but don’t be anyone’s doormat.

These are just a few pieces of bad advice I’ve heard over the years. Starting today (if you don’t already do it on a regular basis), share a word of encouragement with a girl in your life. She just might change the world.

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