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Real Love (excerpt)

This is a taste of my latest book "Real Love". Enjoy!

Marshall stood just inches away from Trenay as he tried to pretend as if it were no big deal bumping

into her out of the blue. Unfortunately, his efforts were in vain.

Thoughts of leaving early, boredom, and having to carry on tedious conversations with several uptight, conservative women from earlier in the evening quickly became a passing memory. His attention right now was squarely focused on the beauty standing before him wearing a black form-fitting evening gown that somehow managed to hug every curve and accentuate every one of her assets. Try as he might, Marshall couldn’t utter a single word. He could only stare in admiration.

Cascading curls framed her face and shimmering earrings practically touched her shoulders. Marshall knew very little about makeup but what Trenay had applied was just the right amount to compliment her smooth dark skin perfectly and seemed to make her big, brown eyes sparkle. A touch of color and shine on her lips all but dared him to sneak a taste.

Trenay’s dress was sleeveless and showed long, lean arms. Again he noticed how her curves were accentuated as the fabric of the dress wrapped her body in a hug. A deep slit at the side showed enough of her shapely leg to make him wish he could see more. Even her toes were sexy, perfectly polished and, peeking out of high-heeled shoes. She looked put together, classy, and, he noticed with more than a modicum of appreciation, drop dead gorgeous. And while he respected the skirt and heels she’d been wearing earlier in the day, he formed a whole new level of appreciation for the total package he saw now.

Not sure if he could blame the two drinks he had consumed in rapid succession or the fact that his basic male instincts were cancelling out the anger and frustration that he’d felt earlier, he somehow allowed Trenay’s smoldering beauty to waft over him like glaze poured over warm pound cake. Did she look as delicious underneath that dress? He wondered.


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