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Be Grateful

For most Americans this is the time of year when we become reflective. We think about everything we’re thankful for. Of course, this should happen more than once a year, and I’m sure it does, but November is the biggie.

So what are you thankful for? With our busy lives, children, work, and other responsibilities, most of us don’t take the time to reflect on what’s good and what’s working well in our lives.

Aside from the obvious (good health, comfortable place to live, and sane children), here are few other things I’m thankful for.

Not being afraid of spiders. I don’t know why, but the sight of a spider does nothing to me. I recently witnessed a co-worker nearly lose her mind when a spider crawled across her desk. Judging by her screams, one would have thought a masked gunman had entered the office, threatening to kill everyone.

The ability to get up every day and go to work, even though I want to stay home, lay on the couch, and watch junk TV all day. Actually, I would get sick of that after about two days, but an occasional “do nothing” day is like gold.

Decent parents. In all seriousness growing up I always felt safe, loved, and cared for. My parents weren’t perfect, but they were the perfect parents for me and my siblings. Without their love, guidance, and discipline I would have been a mess.

Compassion. I am not Mother Teresa-esque, but I do try to help my fellow man/woman. It breaks my heart to see people hurting unnecessarily. If I could wave my magic wand and make everything right with the world, I would. Better yet, if I could put all jerks, douche bags, bullies, and arrogant SOBs in their place, it would give me immense satisfaction.

Wisdom. With age comes wisdom, right? Not necessarily. I have learned some hard lessons over the years. Some experiences I’ve had to repeat several times until the lesson stuck (hard headed, I guess). I’m just grateful the lessons finally stuck!

Being a girl/woman. Yes, I love being a woman! I can’t think of anything more fun or empowering. If women knew how much power we truly have, we could rule the world! Well, at the very least, we could certainly shake things up.

So what are you grateful for? Think about it. Your list might be pretty interesting!

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