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My Grown Up Christmas List

Last year I posted my grown up Christmas list. I kept it light and somewhat humorous because that was where my thoughts led me. This year, however, my list is very different.

I wish that no more parents have to bury their child over foolishness.

I wish for an end to bigotry, intolerance, ignorance, and hatred.

I wish corporations would value people over profits.

I wish suicide bombings were something we only read about in history books.

I wish there were no toy guns.

I wish the village actually took responsibility for raising its children.

I wish soldiers died of old age instead of before their twenty-fifth birthdays.

I wish beauty was in the eye of the beholder.

I wish it wasn’t okay to profit on the misery of others.

I wish cancer was a thing of the past.

I wish people treated each other as well as they do their animals.

I wish politicians were paid minimum wage.

I wish people used their genius for good.

I wish farmers were paid to produce good, nutritious food instead of getting paid not to farm.

I wish sex wasn’t confused for love.

I wish there were no more baby daddies or baby mommas, just loving and dedicated parents.

And like last year, I wish for the spirit of Christmas to last throughout the year.

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