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What If?

If we look at the condition of our communities and our world we often ask ourselves WHY? But if we look at ourselves and our individual conditions, the question we must ask is WHAT IF?

What if - 30 minutes of exercise 3-4 times is the key to better health?

What If we are really our brothers (sisters) keeper?

What of it is really more blessed to give then to receive?

What if we turn off the TV and read a book or listen to an educational/inspiration message?

What if an apple a day really keeps the doctor away?

What if we believed that what we sow is what we reap?

What if we behaved as though it does take a village to raise a child?

What if we didn’t blame the government but blamed ourselves?

What if we loved people and used things instead of loving things and using people?

What if we encouraged instead of criticized?

What if honesty is really the best policy?

What if we taught our children that they really are the future?

What If we didn’t confuse sex with love?

What if instead of “retail therapy” we practiced “investment therapy”?

What if we learned the true power of forgiveness?

What if there was no “fear of failure”?

What if we moved more and sat less?

What if we believed that “as a man/woman thinketh so is he/she”?

What if we dared to live as though we believed these things?

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