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"I'm So Angry!"

My almost three-year-old grandson enjoys watching a TV show where the characters introduce new words during every episode. Each show has a theme – ocean animals, bugs, vehicles, etc. Recently, my grandson watched an episode where the discussion was about different types of feelings. One feeling he seemed to really latch on to was anger. He tried it on for size when I told he couldn’t have any more marshmallows. He balled up his fists, contorted his face and announced in a dramatic voice, “I’m so angry.” I don’t really need to elaborate on my next words, but I absolutely could not take him seriously (I wish I had a picture).

My grandson isn’t alone. It seems as if everyone is angry these days. People are angry about other people who don’t look like, speak like them, or worship in the same manner as them. There are folks who are angry about the weather – too hot, too cold, global warming, too much rain. There are even some people who are angry – and they angry all the time – but they cannot articulate why they feel the way they do. Sadly there are plenty of people who like to fan those flames and keep the anger going.

How do we bring back joy? I know. Joy hasn’t checked out completely, but some days it seems to be missing in action. Bringing back and spreading joy, it’s not an easy task. But don’t you agree that there is way more good and love in this world than anger and hatred? It’s well worth the effort. I believe that to be true.

One thing we can do to combat the overuse of this emotion is to not get caught up in the soul-sucking, negative behavior of the people around us who are angry all the time. Turn the table on them. When they start spewing negativity, counter it with something positive. YouTube has literally thousands of cute animal and little kid videos that can make even the sourest of souls smile.

The other thing is to stop trying to figure out why that neighbor, co-worker, or family member is so angry allllllll the time. They probably don’t even know. Instead, show them a little love. I know. That’s a huge task. But sometimes the people who need love the most are the most unlovable.

Now, don’t get me wrong; some anger is well-justified. But target that anger into action. Don’t let it turn you into someone who becomes crippled by an emotion that will suck the life out of you.

There is too much beauty and light in this world to let darkness prevail. Do your part. Spread love and joy wherever you go. Yeah, people might think you’re nuts, but your actions will probably bring a smile to their faces. And we’ll all be better off for it.

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