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This is the time of year we are inundated by holiday cheer – twenty-four hour a day Christmas music, sparkling lights, and some of the most hideous sweaters eyes have ever seen. But I love it!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not caught up in the total commercial hype retailers are pushing (although I do enjoy giving and receiving gifts), I just love this time of year because people seem kinder and more willing to put aside their differences for a little peace on Earth. No, things aren’t perfect. There are still wars, hunger, pure evil, and downright meanness, but just for a little while the world seems to pause. It’s this pause that affects me the most.

This pause provides a little clarity to allow us to focus on those whom we love. The pause reminds us of how small we truly are in this vast universe. It tugs at our hearts and convinces us that our capacity to love is immeasurable, and that is truly a significant gift.

I truly appreciate all that I have, and I don’t just mean material possessions. I try to practice an attitude of gratitude each and every day, not just around the holidays. However, it is this time of year that I pause. I pause to bake cookies with my family, spend time with my grandson looking at the Christmas lights and naming all the colors, and marvel at how much our family has grown through births and marriages. I pause to reflect on the values and traditions my parents and grandparents took the time to instill in us, many of which I have passed on to my children. But most of all, I pause to remember that even though I’m such a small person in this vast universe, my capacity to love and be loved is enormous. And for all of those things, I pause and give thanks.

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