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Dear Me

I recently attended an event where the participants were asked to write a letter to their twelve-year-old selves. I was very excited with the opportunity to impart some wisdom on my younger self, even it was just pretend.

Here’s my letter.

Dear Lee Lee,

Sorry to tell you this, but you’re going to be stuck with that nickname FOREVER! However, only the people who love and care about you use it.

So, that book you’re in the middle of reading, finish it up and get your homework done. Why? I know you hear this all the time, but education is so important. Trust me when I tell that the more you learn, the more choices you’ll have.

By the way, forget what Jevey said, your lips aren’t too big and there are a lot of guys who will think you’re beautiful. More importantly, you’ll think so, too. But don’t let that go to your head. It doesn’t do any good to look good on the outside and be hateful or ugly on the inside.

It pains me to say this and I hate to admit it, but Mom and Daddy were right about everything! Okay, maybe not everything, but way more than I ever gave them credit for. Who knew? Pay attention to their words and wisdom. They won’t be around forever and there are no words to tell you how painful their absence will be or the great void that will be left when they are gone.

Since I don’t want to keep you too long (homework, remember?), here are my top dos and don’ts.

  • Be kind. It doesn’t cost a thing to be nice and it goes a long way.

  • Don’t get hung up on religion, focus instead on developing a relationship with Christ.

  • Accept and embrace your uniqueness (yes, you’ll be called “weird”, but smile and let it roll off your back.)

  • Don’t be afraid to take chances.

  • Don’t hold grudges.

  • Don’t rush to have sex. Trust me, everybody who says they are doing it, isn’t. If a guy says you have to have sex with him or he’ll leave, tell him to get to steppin’!

  • Last but not least, learn how to handle heartache, grow from it, move on, and don’t allow it to define you.

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